The Naked Priest Project

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Welcome...and First Post.

Why hello there kiddies!

I recently stumbled upon a great feat, The Naked Troll Project , where one man leveled a hunter all the way to 60 wearing no armor (Except gloves and boots).

My goal here is to level an Undead Priest to level 60 wearing ABSOLUTELY no armor. Just like that hunter, I have become bored of WoW after owning it for well over a year and 10 months. This challenge will be exceptionally good, and fun at the same time. It is now time to test the soloing limits of the WoW universe.

I decided to pick a priest, simply because I want a priest end game to play with haha, and it seems like a good class to solo naked with. It'll be tough because I will have a low supply of mana (no armor to give me int / spirit), and casters generally need armor to survive well. So I am hoping by being a priest I can do this well. I also did not want to be a hunter, yes because he did a hunter, and because (not to sound mean to to the ntproject) a hunter rarely even needs armor to solo. The hunter's pet takes the bulk of the damage all the way to 60 when doing PVE, so that is why it was easy for him. I am not dissing him or anything of that manner, but I wanted a harder challenge than doing a hunter. I do like how he's still naked to this day running instances though, thats nice.

I have just started this goal about an hour ago, and my character is now level 7. So far so easy, but that's only because the first 10 or so levels is always cake.

If you guys would like to see me play / talk to me / my character's name is Detcefni, on the Burning Legion server. I am also working on getting this free live cam thing, takes a picture of me playing every 10 seconds or so, then updates it life to a website. This way people can see what I am doing live (with a 10 second delay though).

One more thing before this post gets way too big. I plan to record every level up and compile it all into one big movie for everyone to view. I will also be recording how I am leveling and such daily.

I am uploading how I am leveling, and the level 7 ding, to youtube right now. As soon as its uploaded I will post the video.

Till then, Catch you later kiddies.


  • I'll be watching

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